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About Us

We think it is important for healthcare consumers to make informed decisions and this start with being informed about the doctor they are about to see. This site was developed to assist potential patients in their search for the right doctor and to give doctors feedback about their patients experience in their clinic. is a place where patients can confidentially review and leave comments about a chiropractor they have seen.
It is also a place where healthcare consumer can read real patients’ comments about their experience at a chiropractic office before they choose that doctor for themselves or their family.

The benefits to compared to other review sites:

  • Patients can leave their rating and any comments completley anonymously if desired.
  • Patients can post their rating and any comments while still in the doctor’s office
  • Patients can post their rating and review in the convenience of their own home if they prefer.
  • Patients do not need to register or create a profile on the site.
  • Reviews are confirmed via e-mail, only when the review comes from the same computer as another reviewer.
  • Any doctor can set up a free profile and there is no charge to the doctor or the patient to use the site.
  • It literally takes less than a minute to leave a complete review